I don’t carry it around like a weight—I don’t do that anymore

Japanese world castle. It expands so big it comes back to me [Aura protection]. Idyllic. 5 pounds – it is enough to cry and enough to get over. A little dangerous like exclamation Amazon. Widing under the first level.

Twin… when that flame bring romantic fling –romantic flame.

We never found anything legit [in their revolution].

It’s like an obligation—Till I do the bloodwork for you.

‘7 Vessels’ by Jesse Robertson, oil on wood panel

Wealth management. I’m not going to make a scene and cause drama. Most tourist pass don’t even built… . … World history day. The title goes through the brain. I’m helping to help my answer … . In every … . Seeing distraction. Will of here or a hope place to be. You chose no intentions. “Waving” a porch rest. Brief manicure. You’re safe now. Jesus is worth it–. In retail space.

Line of the dream—very important fruit to win.

In a quarter mile make sure everything… has been revealed. Talking to a client. George Clooney. Third party oxygen machine. Naturally infatuated.

My crazy limb power.

More calm and reserved in a noticeably relaxer state –CBD. Not going to accept returns –private refunds. Once I get my double rest I find normal interest. Silver’s gone right now.

It’s hard to figure what you want it even if you’re best all the time.

Famous couples. Compulsion training. A high empty state. Outlets are fun. Crown bejewels. I was made to be honest with you. 7 weeks ahead. Aims at the center of finding memory. Emotionally fatiguing that’s for sure. Your source of relied everything that equals each other out. … .

[Give your life over to God] I have given my life over to God so many times.

Listen to Aeolian Heart for a year. …You’ll get bored. I have THC toxicity all the time [CBD]. Well it’s good, but I want the apple and the drink. Like my anti-psychotic drugs. Official leader. See if anything else happens in your private life.

The life of a Revolution.

Now, all of our legacy is everywhere [Apocalypse – still the crossover from war to peace Because they [good] overthrow, we [good] conquered]
Hope happiness – Sinclare. Listening to this –over you. Indian rice—that’s bugged me for decades. My opinion about the Washington memorials. Severn. Shirley. Being sober’s not a bad thing [no CBD].

It’s pretty big not to be noticed—you’re the one in there with a knife.

I don’t carry it around like a weight—I don’t do that anymore. It’s hard for me to visualize the coming and going of the direct change. Emeralds in. Sin city. I’m to keep to myself. Closure: SunDance of Virginia has closed.

From this moment… until death do us die.

Corresponding changes. Lighting in a bottle. Little antidote [spread] NE in live—bird big—spread soaring burnt. Catatoism – that he doesn’t understand that word. Alica Silverstone. Migrate east.

Give me the Friday night examination.

You’ve done a lot of commission.

I’m an extra person.

A new Sophie’s money tree.

He don’t send saints… [front cover magazine]. Bri Larson. I’m a genius at any topic. My element’s “dream worker” –3 similar looking guys with medium dark brown hair. Afflex.

Too much was revealed before I was honest.

No one was born this year right –Mom. I roasted a whole people about getting dirty this morning. Well I wish I would of—I can’t even figure out myself. Bottlenecking. Wanna chill?…Wanna see? Balls kicking in. Just red hook. I do agree Nelli’s personalitys. Could hit me at any moment. Renting the rentable. Plenty of … . Its opposition is on her social media page –Sister. It is a hand gel and foot cream –not oral/internal but topical solution.

This is my time to shine [in dreams/aura bright].

My meditation practice. Elixir, I dream dreams of you. Katie’s first virgin ice breaker. Spoils the truth. Filled with the Holy Spirit [and beyond].

Let me start off by saying let me finish plugging myself in.

I’m clearly not going to give up until I have more information.

Once again, this is one of my favorite ones you’ve done.

Coming to the wonder distracted. I longed deeper exploration. Who has not received a rose ceremony yet. How bad I need you for life [and beyond]. Remove myself from the earth completely. God help us help ourselves. Romny. … Are you overwhelmed with food—or you know what Sophia is. I’m going to text sister in the meantime.

Right when he woke up then we’re going to start making stride.

Winding up/down this session. Neutrally distracted. Hearing problems –evidence you believe. My Dad’s 29 again. My own thoughts/feelings and you completely look the other way.

I am sincere in my mission to find you God. Lifetime advocate.

I can do anything you want me to do worthy of your displeasure. Oh my good she took her off her speakerphone completely. Stop using me like that I really really desire GodToday there was no ladder in the house. Leonardo DiCaprio [da Vinci]. Locks all over the place.

Wanna get a good night’s sleep but the rain’s up.

‘The Danaïdes’ by John William Waterhouse, 1906


Clarity, wisdom, maturity. Dent in Jeep—I guess it happens normal days –casual dent. Is it going to be too much for you, Dad…No, no, normally it is –Yoga sessions and all. …I have the heart to heal. Imagine picking up fragiles?…That’s what company has done before. What I wanted my whole life. …Time with you. Absolute certainty.




‘Cause she had it so made in the shade by the Sun.

Raising of the glasses. Inertia reigns supreme. Details. Monarch. Influencer[s].

Jupiter and the Holy Spirit.