A diet-full deity

Different spells out Spanish in disguise. | Johnathan’s powerful engineer steering. | Thrown away with your boat and stuff [S]he’s an engineer. | Red along the eyes—Rainbows among the engineers. | Brave she stands out—she has no desire to plop in. | Everything’s a Spanish and highly skilled engineer.
When I have it ready and it’s good [writings]. Nirvana yet that place to run over. A death, sex, and taxes thing. When you brought this up: What… The Sunflower’s radiant?

Would you help, Uriel continue to expand direction.

He won’t ever come to a reckoning. In healthy in terms of use. That’s when you make ends meet. Relinquish control yet do not forfeit your will.

Oh my gosh—God are you old news.

Emotional sponsor hand written in the sky. West Indies. Baby gap. Since he’s in high schools.

If you have someone who’s not going to try their hardest.

Underwater game of let’s do so don’t die.

Thanksgiving over Holly fork – Uncle, mom, dad—me clean dishes so all clean eating—burn 2 incense—K95 or The Eagle on?…country or soft rock? Immersions. Control. Me hug uncle no vax…unspoken—Aunt ate with girls earlier and uncle no where to go.

In the Maybach vehicle pulled up to convenience store…me and other + driver – thought about or was suggested to peel out and make mad escape→but I knew the guy would come back for revenge and do away with us given his personality and style.

Dad, weed share. The table was moved to center for us to eat, me clearing way.

7… when I write some holy wars.

Logos of the land. | The d.j.’s in the deity. | Soul vacuum of inherent nature. | Your fate is aligned in the cosmic code. | On the cosmic side of things — Forces. | Young people are addicted to the age gap.

Keeps him addicted and feels sloppy. …Heal the mind. It’s okay because I’m older than you. Never been in a bed that young—or if you fake it till you make it. A diet-full deity.

“Legacy this” “Legacy that” [Everything I do].

Chances, chances are [Bob Marley]. Hey hey hey—where’d you get this jacket. Lord Karma. Because you’re holding a key. The kind of people that went for it –timeshare. He’s a silly person. Not stepping foot in Croatia, did she go on to say why.