I want to send you work Saint John so bad

South of the Summer Sun. Come up to me because I listen—listen with open embrace. Do I got to please to ever enjoy you. … Basically I’m having an issue on the cargo…with them. Tara-psychic traits [psycho-psychic traits]. Dancing and destruction. Astonished.

Maybe it is a Thunder event.

First John of the Baptist

Cast the shadow. No…the ego on the air. My cotton fabrics all interwoven. [Damn…] This year has good memories. That lady. How often do you take that mold off of your neck. Oh shit I just came to get hors d’oeuvres. Man hole –To Bear, To Carry. Scary—let it be –Mindful newlyweds on cliff.



I want to send you work Saint John so bad.

Everyone knew each other’s cosmic boundaries.

This is the day that we’re here in the Sunlight.

[That’s fantastic] A good Robin Hood there.

This day, Masculinity.

Carol and Eve.

You really have to be a nobody for somebody to like you. [10…15] 20% is the strength of a job. Hailing from Mary California.

Getting there with all my craft and my tools.

Weapon of destruction. Breeds contempt –bald black lady back of head dyed fiery red—walking mission back of head. Good things separate. Devastated…Noting I was heart broken. On every level rise…And to fall to your knees. Covenant. My oldest son had a butane addiction. Susceptible to ward off influences –black and white portrait…thorny Jesus saying. Where did this paradise come from. I got a fair amount of space. You are just about: Space cadet. All this is an emergency.

People were standing there the whole time—it wasn’t about you.

Saint John the Baptist, Angel of the Desert [17th Century, Russian]
That ability to heal. Whimsical nations. The crazy profound winds. Why can’t I feel it. … Rose ‘n English… I guess you could be my swimmer—east and west meets.

I’m going to travel, If I can devote my life.

I don’t even know what to do, I have so much to do. I will get her on an empty stomach. Firecracker syndrome…Firecrackin’ all over the place. Emotional Cancer. Wake me up and put me through.




If anybody has to suffer, I will gladly take it away.

A guy with an orthopedic surgeon. Rough rollercoaster. What are totally dreads –2 females at Target saying. I’m not very hard for you tonight and I miss you being this jerky.

Brave she stands out—she has no desire to plop in.

Be expected for a tombstone or a throw stone | Tombstone for almost every grave | I was set for a tombstone or a gravestone


Because it’s not healthy to track around so much –healthy eating habits. Consummate.



My time in Revelations.

A mediocre lifestyle. Geppetto says the woman. … A family secret. Pedaling around. It takes time to wrap around his masculine energy. It was kinda making my heart blow clown. Snuggles playtime dragonous fevers. … Beat up on Toyota. Unhappy marriage. Between water campground. His visions that he would love to take care of. I take a moment to invest with the gate song. Sculpture mood.

Man, sure a lot older than the playbooks.

I wrote all the death valleys. Was player the –just in time. Cancer shots. Straighten up… . Displays about madness. Cased about in display. Intuition is the same bright spot.

Classic ancient songs of the Vata.

A pillar for the universe.

Built without morality. Alabaster Florida. I still am very sweetly relaxed in. Haverty. 1 more line from the empire:




The work of a saint—A very stressed saint