Your family has eaten that before – that’s all the knowledge from around the world

Slow down please. Can you help us—unhappy evenings. Ego management. Boring—this is very hip. Boring was very hip. Takes you where need to go. Everywhere I go I got to run to. From auditory inner –Windwax fun. High road to succession.

Whoever’s on this side needs to be on your side.

A Jewish location on sale today. You can tell, alls crossed the bridge. And it’s too delicate ….. this ….. situation. Your family has eaten that before – that’s all the knowledge from around the world.

It was too overwhelming –left tank top as evidence I was there waiting.

Sin city. So he did call Monday like my dream, that was because the lights on—you’re going to go out of business. House Kingsmill purchase. No separation so walked with fabric or… . Enterplay. I thought I. To preview or bottom view all holds their perks. Wake me up before I go. Snake charmer—because I don’t watch them.

I smoked with my ghosts.

I spoke to my ghosts.

The work of a saint—A very stressed saint.

I was born in high school. On the porch, you might want to put too much tape on the ground. Fall under love. Hummus—you’re leisurely perfect. On background rental. Commadear. We looked your card yesterday and it was off. … We are all here.



I believe in Angel

I believe in Valentine

My Sun asked me


to be mine

Just everything

You’re his Valentine

Rawest from a Druidist

I did smell like Valentine forever

A Druidess like you

One night for Valentine’s Day

Black on the inside

Romantic work

I still live to tell you

about romance

[We are under]

PDF trains as Valentines


Got that all, the arrows

he’s pointed me out

I was even giving

rice color ~

as in you and Cupid

A romantic interest

in your medicine~

~ Bow arrows at our loves ~

As great in bed

I know you are,

you are my


Court a man with his arrow


∞ on planet stone balls ∞

Under the low influence

of the Valentine’s Day curse

Only to make the vacation

A true separate romance

If I believe someone with

romantic maturity

All of a sudden time flies,

so go ahead

and have a romance~

Busy season,

oh I love romantic season~

I really wanted to embody Curious

{“Curious” = deity like Cupid}

Instrument of perfection


neo pile

in Druidry

Be valid to… Valentine

Fall under love

Embodied so much I am so

What I am under my influence

When we’re really progressing

or even when we’re

low on the ladder