This is too sentimental to keep

Yeah you’re working building a mystery. And choosing so carefully. I don’t want to be left.

My capacity has expanded. I speak as if this life is already over. Detecting 5% doubt in your heart. Teach me because I do not know. I’m willing to risk it for a dream. Rapist island –trances vs. dream. I thanked God with all my heart. Rhythm on the nation. I had no one I could share my desires with but God. An they were alls anyways. Everything she’s looking for a connection when she’s not. Not doing great. We can play a game real quick. I need to be able to help myself better. I have a real hard time accepting help—accepting a gift. That is how cute they are. If I’m not tapped into the Angels, I feel alone.

That wasn’t my most passionate rant.

[That will echo forever] Forever’s a long time. Meow. It made me feel hopeless—with a non-believer. Word explosion. Just because you don’t personally accept things doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

I’m really hawking everything [eagle vision].

That’s the son…What about him? Rules in-singular. Jagged edge. Skeleton taking picture—body—2 hands – walked over to the right to snap. I am in a sorry state. And I am sorry. Leviticus. Sharmane. I am sorry for rejecting your gift. Rod Stewart.

It is evidence. I remain.

If you want me come have me, Angels that is. She ends Josh words that. Insignify. Fully awake to listen to the call of my heart. Mexican food—Mexican food. Watching hardly anything as you do before –To Bear, To Carry. Whenever I have time to take another look at his smartphone. If my life meant nothing why does yours mean everything. A prideful motherfucker who has no soft spot for the weak. Duck [vision]. We would tear apart if they don’t make any money. A big black train. One dream will last me a lifetime.

It’s a cool god spot to swim in.

Next year my limit changed. Danny Devito. Iron fist. Pontius Pilate. Carry weight on your shoulders. Broken a chain of commandments. Taken you back [past]. Don’t blame you for it. Great day—so you know [dream] –of me benefit without. My toes are numb. Why you build me up buttercup baby just to let me down.

Want your night vision 35.

Yes I do. Human invitation. Someone who I used to see dates this neighborhood. Pontius Pilate hates you. Talented genius. Blended in. Good news bad news. Perfect in the Sun. All 3 of us. Passive aggressive approach. Forever. You don’t pass up a once and a lifetime opportunity. 6 figures guided by 1. I am turning nickels as I sleep.

Coming to the wonder distracted.

It’s amazing what a year can do on roots –me dread -small—roots firm, nano dreads broke off, roots held firm—husband and me. That I was willing to go down that road –looks good from here. My dread’s trees. I got a good arm Jesse—you can have the rest [food]. My small baby dread came off. I like this one—better connection. The moral world by storm. Haha trick and you got hostages. Roman Empire. Elitist. Born catholic. Raised saint. Precognitive movement. Drop back out of moment or crush a charactor. Have to trick your enemy. Rupert. Can I please grow up and have an answer.

Bought the inside—heroine–nazi–mental health.

Vast majority of strangers can’t give ’em anymore than that. Lennox. Let us Tom a toe. I don’t know what want to do with my life but I want to do you. Overthown. Eternal—that’s not that fair – … too hard for you to tell. Installment plan. At the tender of love lasses. You haven’t burnt anything yet. Run of the mill. Sears catalog. Basic bitches. I brush this with some positive light [and love]. I had the right to lose my shit at a certain point. Combined with his legacy. The center of the brow.

Anything need to be plum’ed—we can press it out press.

I can’t get into this no more –husband. Move on. Crimson and clover. A petri dish—imagine that. Petri dish—that’s a big triangle there. Silent by age. Voted by number. Peace keepers. Try not to get back to him in case he want to do something. Broke it down—3am and it must be lonely. Novice excuse. Kingsmill cutter—I can cut and look at film. Hold me hold me ’cause I want to get higher and higher. He’s claiming before his legacy –husband [previous pic workout]. Stop cooking in a fry pan. Bring it home family, safely. Self secret. Oh I got introduced 107 immediate orders. Exactly what you want. One of these days. Painful memories. You’ll never be lonely.

A curse to show and tell.

Nothing but the best. Go ‘head break the smile on your face. Unrelated tension. Cynical plot. Handed as ever. So unprofessional. Plug in the refrigerator’s candles. You are okay with this given him a receipt and everything. Showing up of all of it—young and slavery. Nervosa. Cotousim. A lot more than something else. It was up tight. Gregory.

I didn’t just knock you over as a kid—you’re a thing now.

Magazine covers—you still want to [be on] magazine covers. I’m stubborn. My love for working out. Speaking this free. My idea. I was just very honest—I was just very still. Phycological development had to grow – Go over and take it to the next level. Greg Grippo. We can’t good enough there because we can’t do it no more. You just couldn’t press yourself down from -euros- that’s human. That’s not enough. Retail space. Addicted to Nero—not cool. [Faith] Continue wanting us virgins—no time for this. Commentor’s skins. Fragrant user. Shiver me timbers.

I have prayed for something to happen—half a God conversation.

It’s sad when people were more into their third eye in high school. Chronicles. Health. Happiness. A towel over my head. Visibly shook. Take me further to where I’ve never been. Next time I see her I’m going to pay more than another one. Be a ….. . Top of the third year—before I’m ready. Political. Breathe it down. Heavy admit. Elizabeth Franklin—how old is she.

Child of the dead. Who are you. Summoned.

Asked me about the baseball player – now he’s feeling sad—just really negative about herself. Her sorrow wanes. Absolute destruction. [Wendy’s logo face] It’s got to be on here somewhere. It’s got be spirit filled or it’s nothing. Call that … feet. He was wealthy living alone before handed. Trust me. Let’s just go by it on what it’s not going to be the sounds of it. Maybe the personality disorder. Your advance response. Genata warning.

Palisades are powerful.

…Alright new language—brief study that really sucks – he got posted on a virgin online. Having a party had to leave. My weed structure is disbanded. Common rat race. Been kinda craving for a Kingsmill or something. Unfortunately I need to sleep. Windows of opportunity.

He listens—he stands up – do you have the 3 of Pencils.

Have a beautiful dessert. I have been through the valley. The process of being alone. Astemic. Just gotta ask for a better life. They make … . Heal my brain. Daft punk. You’re right. Little insidious degree. At my highest nature expressed. How big it is. Jump right through.

I have been sent home involving my life…hand driving home.

I will … you. Liberation spirit. You get me though. Gotta get really tired to trance well. The heart one in victory. When does compassion years—20 … . Learn the jurisdiction codes a little different. Unite in love. You’re use to helping me help myself—all we can do. I was ready: . I just don’t want ex-managers under the kindergarten tool kit. Under their Jacksonville. I have too many days happy—5X the sun/stance. I miss you –To Bear, To Carry. Destine to walk alone. I knew that.

Stinks so bad – isn’t there something wrong with your thesis –Sun flower’s history.

The mean of your invading. In a desperate position. Wheels about tiny sky. Prayer of deceit. You probably know. You know I feel that way too—a lot of people are throwing it away—throwing it out the window. I just don’t know if there’s nothing I can do to help you. I mystic help myself –Dad. Humiliating and heartbreaking for so many reasons. Some emotional sea bass for me… . Living off the planet.

If we can prove his soul origins.

But the thunder righteous.

The November of the spirit.

There’s going to be taste on the same wavelength—it don’t matter what you do: return my TV … tonight. Specific questions. Fucking up things. I never went asking for your stranger. Mental has suicide curve. Half as ready as ever. Jenn PRN the mind show. Little curve of appeal. Me for … . I knew that the world was mine—the noise was not. You’ve opened up to this life– it vocals like you have. Keep it secret. Or make it look easy. Through the drag race—I want his show to be over.

I ask her once, twice, I just don’t tell her.

Telecommunications network. I’m just walking away from everything—it’s not just about me – it’s nothing. Slick of the beast. Party seat. She doesn’t have the issue inside you anyways. Real clan to me. Hearsay. The written world one. Barking up a storm. Wanna start who’s going to be. Physical Jared.

You can’t even see the world of terror on me.

Demigod is and is limpless.

Just going off to 1 place. Highway robbery. Designated pen. Hurt myself with all ….. and trains. I discount it—I’m degrading. Lick the pocket. They’ve been with their happy for years. Thich Hanh. I wonder what it would take to wove you.

The glue to my soul…Oversoul.

The glue to the mountains in me sat treated wood. And I don’t care if he fuckin’ hates me. They give hunters from stars. Tell ’em to get flood emails ….. listen to 1 wind they say. Swimmer it was a good return right away. Weird going to fudge elementary school—fun place to be. Now the daytime’s even global’er. Quick to report –worker to boss. Save some money for the girl’s diagnosis. Extra wisdom.

But I’m in a 3rd double pigeon. Thich Hanh—Blondie. The grave you’ve given my spirit. Get up get up get up—The earth is moving the exact same way as always. That way I could be a hostess but be a distant host.

Silicon valley. What is the chill that y’all sent into the wind to. Let on stand deepen when I’m with Hope –Dad. Big box harmonica—Big box Trevor. I love gaping tattoos. Well the flow coverage, covers with ….. . Going to go out on that with a girl I haven’t even met before. Capture your soul a win. Hard things on your wall paper, wanna run by ’em. Everything’s ruined for us ’cause he’s got to be gone so ….. –my beloved dog. Ahead of you. Do you remember telling?…You weren’t in a permission slip.

I have prayed upon this for years.

Hard to catch your eye style back. Our response and our baby’s head to survive. I want check it out—touch tour it over. You got some life food in the kitchen. Blind—no you don’t want your shirt off. Valerie Bertinelli. Limitless in this state. Penny pinchers. …. This one is confusing—This one is competitive.

Maybe on a sidewalk preacher.

The bitter soul will search for weed. We can move forward. Yeah but he likes it in a non….. form.  I’m a believer of beauty and creation. Textile in the Sun. So he continues—he waits. Me too I agree say no more. Ice on the palisade. Foundation charm.

The complete chronologicals have been revealed.

The power of your spirit and your soul together. And I’m glad I did 29 years to win. Be who you want to be. Because we both didn’t read boxes with a pen under it –husband and wife. Deepest mystery in mankind? William Earnest Hemingway. Back by popular defeat. Phoenix lost his only son –vision of father with both boys but double of favored one. My flight was fleeting.

I got to advance to where I want to go.

At his will. Ebola. Tom Brady. On the edge of transcendence. Glee. And it was all magic. I absolutely don’t want to be here for anything –Charles City lady not a homebody. This way we both have a stump and branch –husband and wife. Any aggravated whole. What are you thinking I build 2 visions. It was destiny. We were just asking a big sacrifice –husband and wife. Destiny fulfilled.

Please don’t – I like being me, it’s pretty.

Old careless ways. More passionate than ever before. Is … tight for you or is it just perfect. Withholding information. Tailgate. I have to place it in a garbage bag. The wall out here are starting to finish up. Just when you break your silence revere you get your preached. When you get your silent clear [your deepest desire]. In for a rude awakening.

The endangers from each city—close your eyes.

Front level Virginia. I can give my first fracture attena. Kingslow. Dream so big it’s real. Therapeutic chore. Have this book—throw it in there. Holding a plane crash. He knows she got mental problems. ‘Cause they’re going to love the enemy. See how far this came in my life. Right excuses. Registered with my heating pad.

This is too sentimental to keep.

Slow down. Vanguard. Some people are just more auditory learners. Stepping into 2 feet in both worlds. Successful nature shared. I really feel like you need to take care of it too—it’s your garden even if it has 2 heads –to husband. Living with special needs. Business move. My dream too much gone? Giraffe [I haven’t been able to fill that role]. Aren’t we all Jolliin’. Imagine someone being frigid before [-ice jump]. 1 feel good after a 14 day reclearance. Ship to fear. I’m up if you want that dream. Royal deathbed. Spread carefully.