What did the Celtic Saints do? God given detail.

Thank you for developing in the night. Mental attack on everybody. Scrubbing that odd show—because she was scrubbing odd areas in the head. Psychic earlude. Right sport and information. The forefathers. Speak to me. I deliver the small tank. Second coming’s more like prince I know. The power of telepathy. Social tea party. A little soap and validation. I have your glass heart never part. Abstract. The life of science and time. To the stage while filled. Living children for cancer. Their own status and research [mankind]. Special needs anything. I think we could of screwed you.

Near man-hour time.

Stable skys. What does your bessence? Subject to change. If I …. the fermented food. The wind and the renew. Eye opener—in the snow. I defy situations. Or something like that. The start of Jenga. Tomorrow’s winged challenges. Me prescribed the world soul. Clean everything we think we’re going to do today. We can make a booster shot. Shade Shenae. It’s pleased down Sun and merchandise. Give me some water right there out of therapy.

I would go before an edging asking.

Carlotydes. Kevin is the St. Peter –Pompeii. Magic Awakening. Was a super active time. Enough emotional stress to know it’s not going anywhere. His is why buffet works so well. I wanna work more with the words. It’s not my goal to support you. Even in a new soul. Why are your hands so sensitive? Otherwise this would be a permanent plan. You’re fucking me to play the rules. Synonymous. It’s the doctor I want to talk to you. Work it out dude. Try living with bread –dread. We’ll have it by 9:30 tomorrow morning. That’s just who I am. Breaking caution to the wind. Kid’s noise. He swung into explosure mode [exposure].

I try like I’m a new person.

Famous person on. Heightly swords. Do it for this own sake. Find my stone at will—leave my corridors at bay.  ….. ….. of the sky descending. Dream of what you can. Although the towel bets were athletic—here you are. My prophet language. Definitely can have a leak in your opening. Mahavidyas. Under-par. The T transition. Started to lose touch. Riding into the sky with sunsets. Hey man understand. Great gifts and imaginations. Just to know I think something’s angry, not enough. She was an impossible situation. At sin war.

Personal engagement – no star more powerful than your truth.

Material reliance. Chicago changes rules. I’m just Buddhist to sloppley. Ben Affleck’s easy. You you never washed your hands so I could climb over. Zion Zion, no one knows the third reason why. Buddha budding, no one knows the third reason why. Be silly homies –41 chick’s-7. Baroque ….. ….. ….. . Remainders in case I needed you. What did the Celtic Saints do? God given detail. You should definite come move your vehicle –I have a problem with the starter. Elizabeth Taylor [new icon]. Wide screen. Dungeons and dragons. Star as a station. We had to rely on that glue. She had the right reasons.

Be valid to… Valentine.

Alan Watts decided ivvincible. We love you when obviously nothing’s hanged. Blinking eyes and ….. . Pilgrim’s everywhere. A thought for reason. Giant decline. Infatuated peace. John Denver. The first telescopic lens. I want to but I’m scared. Frequent true fame artists. If there’s any cost in film – I will convenience channel. Maybe you won’t get abstract—maybe I’m not dealing with it like that. Enough chicken in the sand. Jammed tight. Demonstrous.