If you have all your stage and ash pieces

Made it through the volume vocabulary. Having been prescribed the world soul. I own an owner. I was an impossible situation because of the elders… . Steep decline. I’m a big rebel—comes from my family’s spirit. In garbage but trash and calculated jewels –the family knew me. Way stronger than that—so similar. That’s nothing too personal. You’re good, just let my vision take shape. I’m critical and noteworthy. The Sun’s laments. The master at making stuff up. She’s hauling ass. I can’t concentrate that deep at night. I don’t have the right light supporting me –reading light. Behavior: annoys everyone’s interests. Your little fingers being programmed. The life of the party. More than life itself – Medallion. It’s becoming A-symmetrical –needing shower cleanse. A woman leans down in silence. The demigods. High risk– scary method. Burnt in a small business sense. Pleasure bold and slain. Airtime creator. Blows my mind. A big cookie girl –ease girl. I don’t want to burn the candle at both ends. Sacred cut and the bliss energy as you dream. Not well received. Want it to be a family tie and tie everything up. Why’s that mother fucker in our pocket?…I’ve been holding onto him.

If you have all your stage and ash pieces. Decent vehicle of operations –Jeep. James Woods. Similar concept. Share them with your people. And I take a nap– I just want to be natural. Being neutral. Obviously I’m looking for a new beginning. Guiding me distribution. It’s the funnest thing I’ve done in America. Call –him appear. Delete everything she said– Be an element of power. Yesterday it was finished- it was gone. I know what it takes, God. An energetic bandaged. The world’s most worse words spelled like… word soup. All this unnecessary spending. I knew there was something deep in your dream. Puzzling. Enamoring. John Denver. Contextual shop master. I trance like I do breathing. I was really tired, God. Leaving this the twins but this 1 red case of wood. I just ….. a few ….. for sale. Daylight saving time—Maxie’s Chamber. Search warrant. Pussing escape. Leads coming through. Linda wasn’t here the night before. Help making sense of my daily life. A firm owner of never being lazy –Dr. Carlson. Bandages bandaids for the broken wounds. Situations getting stronger—Intuition listening. No one’s ever ready. Your and the trash can in the Justice. Living in a corset. If you’re not sure just need some help– I’m sure Matthew’s going to be around. One heart beating. Another baggage claim company. Always pursue the right steps. I went to Jamestown fiction—there was a fraction there. I don’t know what they want. Everything. Still tiger my eyes. Very rare chemotherapy. Your dad’s going to be money broke.

I’ll be the paper towel queen… I need to get the edges real good. Therapy time—because therapy does help. Internal bleeding. We had so much time on our hands. A business write off. Soaking wet. Doesn’t ….. around your ….. . The slaying connectors catch us sleed. Was not offended – cultural pop. I’ve got a hand for beat this equation. Easter. Exile. Fulfillment. If you can get delivered. It’s very important to work as little as possible. Make a paint– work as little as possible. Bread onion –hold on let me slow down. The happy hours. Instinctual. Message room. 2 feet in both worlds. Our table is full. Have you reached your little paranoia bar. Your dinner’s ideas. Basement’s all Norse military. All who accept it are not lost. Battle a hand gun. Absolutely no control over the situation. Is that the entertainment arts? Aceptions in the quality- make sure it ain’t slippery- don’t trip. There’s an aception of the quality. Very thing you like tomorrow- If you need some height. Right now I’m at a crisis point. And I’m not okay if I can’t write. Interlude. Make sure we don’t make anybody mad at each other. I don’t want to hear the reason. As an excuse. Pictures are my wounded words. Your limit is will your door not get open to the ground. Claudia.