Winning the twin flame of Aphrodite

Speak wisdom over your life. All cookies are on the table. Hold on it’s going to be a wild ass ride—decorations everywhere. Thunder united wisdom. Hopeless oblivion. Egyptian. Enter into the 5th dimension. Impossible situation. You’re covering up a lot in front of your dad. Get your spirit into the goods now. Abandonment issues. Helps grip with the binders. How are we going to do this without you? –tint. God gave you permission to do that—challenge anything right now. –blend? or write?blending. 17th century writing. Unfortunate you didn’t know about this before. I’m open to understanding—I’m so sick of my agenda. Slash time’s okay- they didn’t mind- don’t care about you. Jesus cover up. More Bi-angular. UPS drivers. You’re going to go through the hook-up. Win—win –our goals on low. Hair grow over me want it. Guide base. The womb of creation. A little damper on your day. Lip service. Guaranteed success rate. Element of devotion. Hand discovery.

The veil has turned. I am job ordered to grow up. Total effects of the writing column. An empty means state for far too long. Pleasure bold and slain. After a round of you no—it is what it is. Don’t let your mind go. Element with the writing. Repulating—fascinating. 2 years to proceed him. The exe climber. Scissors scissors—Zion of this attack. Dark side landed. Barbara had a felony list and had already punished the person. The grind lost. Airtime killers. They had oatmeal pies for dinner. [Apparition mission]. Nice you’re burning out there– solid ice. Heroine I want to be healthy. It’s in crime of his new schedule. The lady’s going to give high school reunion a break. The wight of it is so great. Made you feel like your holding each other down—it’s all fuckin’ crazy. High on the inside. My struggle is so great, Lord. Medallion. A replacement income. Because when Friday comes, it is going to come to your mailbox.

Your new signature has to be brave down there. You got this elders. Yeah you’re trancin[g] and your blood is psycho. You don’t have the passion for it no more. –prior flame. What an accident to prove. It’s very intimidating. Time frame… and it’s only human. Crazy amount of paperwork—Bare-nuckles. Scoops open. What really happens if someone’s trying to tell you something. Can they love their whole lives like that? I don’t know why… some people just don’t understand. My co-workers were barefoot excited. Upper: means open hill strength. I’m going to have to get ahold of him for better or for worse. You don’t have to give me like every detail. When you going to tell her about a few catches. Zero gravity. I don’t care about the other. You have no agenda—your agenda’s so open. –husband.

Did like a little metaphoric lock. We have a cultural hook-up. Theheo of fame. Don’t talk to me about nothing too wind [deer]. Watering the plants. Circadian rhythm. Popular therapy and get us out of net. Accasion for the arts –Cornwall. Had to offer some mind blowing little red gadgets. Those critical oppressive views [bills]. Eyesight like it. Where they peck will go further and further even if they lose happiness. And by the way, I’ll let you know when those things wash out. You are the forsaken and the legend in this dream. I could get full on chapsticks—I can get full on my writing. They call us on their worship game. Strange cousins, over there, gloom. To get bad tea going. Siblets of warning: . Temperature has increased. Deer jerky. Sweetheart you can’t do that –me cry at work. This is a 3 month strong. We deliver—you save. Okay I’m returning. Seeing feet in both worlds. Demigod. Go over here and make a u-turn. Shit’s happening now. Your secret name is old okay. I’m going to go by guidance. Cindy Moore. A pet page of mechanisms. I’m just saying it was the energy I was picking up on. Mr. Blondie and the Robertsons. Wisdom generation. Helpful support. Easy and hard to bend. Have any reason to left behind– minus traction. Where there’s a will there’s a way. I wouldn’t do that –balance. Let’s me be grateful. Your first appearance as a real woman.

Trying to make a connection—not trying to make a completion. That’s the question I want to ask God. Winning the twin flame of Aphrodite. West lovers. Airtime creator. Going to save themselves anyways. All of it had a heavy estimator energy on it. I bet things as are going to green and wisdom in China. The right thing to repress back. My letters to you I wrote in criticism.[of sister]. Cultural… weird to you. The fly on the wall. Or could Summer look in his eyes. Hope it doesn’t rain tonight –I get your homework done for you. Why isn’t writing respected? I put those out with love. No one can take your spirit away from you. Are they Haynes?…I think they’re Fruit of the Loom. There’s fullment in joy. Who need to make class 1 span.

Soul I want to give you; it is interpreted for you. This isn’t that bad for him. Medley. Help me understand not to use your voice… . The purple is there for them– they are welcome to shave their heads if they want to. Taking out momentum. Turn black on your brain. It gets harder everyday– 10-25 sets of children. How to get many ….. lines exist. I got dressed in 2 houses but they covered it or something. 50 different codes.[can help it]. Thunder sky interlude. Alright exist –you won’t be hearing from me. The line so it’s already over. How could I ever lover someone like you. The Sun: one’s lifetime rumored. Take it easy on yourselfs. All the experiences I’m having are mystical. I know you don’t want to accept it. Bathsheba in the corner. Can you please grab the quiet juice over decade. Thundered of this wise.[Thunderer]. It’s like a scientific who made that. All Anvil life.