I can only think of your tender garden

It will still find us on fire –post delay. They just don’t go try kill and try. I was knight a short. Completely real on share a same map with you. Blazing under the Sun. [That was] me tracking feet onto both worlds. The open air tonight. If it’s a white dream. You are a kindred spirit. Intended to be joy. No since you already have the light. Which one of the alphabets consume the mind? I got to enlist the help of the angels so I can help you. It fried his guest– wife was so pleased.

Evolutionary astrology. Element your power. Your Beyonce’s good– didn’t want to get caught up in that situation. Brrr with the troops. Forms knowledge and wisdom. Expert advise. I can only think of your tender garden. Medallion. Why can’t I get the enemy from the tree.

Bathsheba. Sullivan. I don’t know if that’s true but I like it. The magic happens in the medium. Iconic view. Animation. This is going to put you on the map –stars. The perfect time for him to catch up on your writing. Great choices. I’m putting a lot in your hands god. You can have it all. Building an empire. 6 figure—blowing up. The angels swift graces. Sticker shock. Groundhog Day—trying to win people over- success rate zero to none. Dear John letters.

Should sound sincere [should] strike a witch