I haven’t warned you [yet] I just don’t want to disappoint you

Counting backwards- broken program. Very relentless. Dehumidifier. Civil pursuit. I would love to know the people they treated around the corner. Trips into disease ridden profile. My arms are: strong stable skies. Earthly knights and tail visions. Many years study. I had all those days to write to you. Betwixt.

Put down new names and heavy dreams
Everything’s Will is a twist or fate
God has to do something to get our attention

I like this hope a lot I like this hope a lot. I’m just thinking because I don’t have money in me right now. Pagan our free fire branding. All the immoral sex. Because I literally have to happen. Can I cut it. There are few things that get your soul involved. I want to go over Amy house. Stare at me like souvenirs. I write in the middle of this dream- I take it out. I’m clear I’m good. In between the chorus in the dream. And they know you- you’re easy to deal with –him at Jamestown.

Piery Baltimore Spirit ~Angel~ they kinda help them with themselfs ~ all the shocking ingredients
Winged Messenger Mercury {Mercury has a message:} The Star – High Priestess [r] – The Devil – Death
The Star {Entering Aquarius in the sea of wheels} I like the Age: here I am
High Priestess [r] {Releasing control unto the heavens} Every Honey Moon I’m still here looking within | Trusting Supply Companies | Life Trust Company
The Devil {The saturnian weight of the world and the veil of expanse} I feel better ↔ I feel guilty Your own slave dimensions
Death {Evil was once what was good; goodness turned sour. Do not rot in death, you are ripe in death} Death is the retirement of harm; everyone comes out of the closet of Nirvana
I so make to the tail of the root | Their fixed son paradise

Shy over the most interesting things. [Feeling…] low birth weight. He did a great self pity mode. I wanna get the moon and the wind…I just want you to stop. I stay in the left lane, hobby lane. Can I go through the [e]motions and gather complete indentity. The forge doesn’t always stay open. Your philosophy’s in the 9th house. I don’t think she would of come in from there. 

Horns blowing off on the moonless earth

To greatness, to do to work. Chicago picks up techniques. We just didn’t care to try. If it’s a vision between me and you; you- keep surrounded for heavy critical use. Lieutenant Dans. Don’t have anyone to do this but you. Monte Carlo. 8 years of exile. Be honorable and measurable in everything –2X4 over shoulders– climbing uphill — strong quads.

‘Óðrœrir, Boðn, and Són’ | The smart and wise seem to be dangered and charged

Oh my it doesn’t smell in the least– he closed his eyes. 3 pronged staff][fork vision. It’s cold outside- I got 7 likes on that poem. I hope there was a force of benefit. I should have an equal price. I haven’t warned you [yet] I just don’t want to disappoint you. Rent’s due. Nationwide. 5-15% edification. Sculpting machine. Test driver [both sides]. Go get the job done. There is a place for you.

‘Carl Jung, in his book ‘Answer to Job’ and elsewhere, depicted evil as the dark side of God. People tend to believe evil is something external to them, because they project their shadow onto others. Jung interpreted the story of Jesus as an account of God facing his own shadow.’
May the force be with you today and even if not, here comes | Fungian Foods {Jungian} | Jung-anese | Thank you for the Light shined on the Staff ~Workers | God has the same heart of humor

Stark contrast. Sub par. Experiment of exploitation. You will get an email today. Completely uninhibited. Heroineing. Terminator –Canon music mystic. Endless time. I just had a really big feeling [prophet books eternal]. I didn’t know I could be this happy- all my prayers answered. Apocalyptic heart. Clarity angels.