You should catch the Nation– You should win-win those

Squirrel resting eyes – donkey [resting] [visions]. The garage door open. Want me to turn my lights off for me. Calls me home. And regret nothing impress. The way lifted was moved. Show off. Add themes I trust. Everybody’s going to be wanting to send you your pictures back- we are not over yet. Hourly rate… Spine twist. The first to have texted back. Their purpose for redesigning of new letters.

I’m such an earth timing. Trying to make my way out of town to do things like that. If we can’t work together. Spelled human appearances. The book was filmed in our car. You should catch the Nation– You should win-win those. So do you want to take some time and work on Rhonda. The gods sweet graces. We’re going to have adversity first. Visions manifestas –tinting. Oh it’s on the inside.

Me and the earth have sat through a lot. Back down- team down for extra window. Allow us as we park. Toxic pattern of existence– heal. An office at work not compensating any gifts. Hate the ways all action army picks up. The most un-coficient experience. I’m fucking with my mind. I kinda feel great very often their confidant. It’s been really hard for me to let go –Princess figurine spirit [around now]. Clear mindset. Can’t keep scheduling it unprophetable.

Instead of honor it says maid. He can’t handle me, he can’t even take pictures with me. I’m living through Elliot lenses. Can’t go over it now- can’t do anything or judge it. Making a social scene. Big adjustment [no 30 grand]. It did a number on many pieces and family business. Is that this job just like you. I just needed one companion. Are you open to attack. A month ago I know where he is cut wind own.

9 of Chalices – Hawk
When a person goes into speed without thought -Void | I give you guys the Sun to watch permission | If I’m being hawk on midnight | Wants to be Void — You know how to not steer | Which world is Void after the brave of theirs

On the street, I’d just let it go. Let’s just stay here tonight. Boba Fete. Sea turkey. And he knew about her conference call. My green daughter’s face. Understand– I’m listening to you right now. It’s not easy going through the brain. Through all the assembly line. That I had to win over my husband. In a second instance.

Hecate. The salt has to happen. I made a promise to you god. I will be writing the new codex. Main source of your power. Enemy right behind you. I keep holding myself back in odd ways –Listening. Next level epiphany. I send you to boot camp. Happy geese.