Sometimes they see me– Ultimate Wiseman Seen

The Lion sharing

with the Bear





Give up

& the Mind

was good


{Ace of Wands reversed ~Mars {Solar Plexus}{Iron} responds to Jupiter {Sacral}{Tin} cycling flow to Venus uniting {Heart}{Copper}~ Creativity} Swerving through the find of a hundredfold ¤ Raw Uniqueness from the OakRainbow pouring out on her ¤ The Beauty of a Person’s Alchemy ¤ Witch is Fire~ The flammable wood will definitely catch on fire too ¤ Alchemist With Wings~ Physicist, White Gold turning to Rainbow ¤ Wood is the Fire Element ¤ You need to react positive to the White Gold ¤ Big Beautiful Stick~ I have a big Stick for you, a beautiful Stick ¤ Overflowed with Flames ¤ It always overflows, it always overflows ¤ Take~some~time Rainbow Famous ~Song ¤ Rainbow’s strongest Current~ ¤ Rainbows & Leaks ¤ {And don’t you feel} When areas are overflowing you’re abundant everywhere ¤ For Heat overflow it’s perfect ¤ Your connection be like your overflow potential ¤ They are ~ We are the strip of the Firewood too ¤ River’s Rainbow’s Edge I found you ¤ Also going to bring a Rainbow, a Paper Towel…


I’m such a

Truth Justice

Freedom Fighter


Manual flip




5:03am on Winter Solstice


Sometimes they see me–

Ultimate Wiseman Seen


I need a better

learning curve on…


Brother using our house

to break up weed

for us & Dad