Fortunate you would live that Authentic

Initially Insane

My Boy’s officially Insane

~We all do Drugs


All the Power

compiled under the Sun

wants you too


And we

have them embedded~

It is your Birth Year


The Turn will happen~

people are going to start

picking up on those things


Fortunate you would

live that Authentic


{I have to get}

The current

Modes & Modalities


Steroid ∞ Screen ∞ Shot


But if anyone cares,

I’m going to

Interest them








Subconsciosly knowing

you’re not going to

get it through him anymore

My Green Medical Path


It can Mercy you.

Nurse Practitioner My Plea



You’re trying

to get dangerous


Hey Brandyn,

sometimes you go to this Mailbox

& it can be so full


—Challenge accepted—


Loading up your Driveway

all over again


The Knave of Swords [Air][Intellect] † The Knight of Cups [Water][Emotion] ¤ The King of Discs [Earth][Matter] ∞ A steady mind serves to contemplate {1} filling the bliss of the heart {2} anchoring you secure {3}. “Not all who hesitate are lost. The psyche has many secrets in reserve. And these are not disclosed unless required.” ~Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces


Look like you’re

peeling your Feet off your Nose



Me Duking it hardens Duke.


I get up inside my Nigh†

to provide feedback


‘I need to be on a harness!’ Water Sports ~ Tinting Bridge
{me, Dad} Dad pull into to park~ tire hit a ridge and almost toppled over
I got out ‘It looks a lot different.’ then I got out of white car
& Herculesed it to re-shift~ for a second I thought
his weight would topple it back {over bridge}
The bridge looked crazy scary to tint & had no harness~
yet {I} had been to pre-spec {lady there} dark hair, she surprised


My Native Framed Pic got glass broke
& it was even more stained glass][glass was picture–
it knocked over from [Kid’s negligence] & I was so very super upset
–getting new one too much, pretty much irreplaceable
[-what Brother did]


It’s like an Inner Map

for the Sky

this ~


‡ Halloween ‡

everyone just begging for



Helena Wisdom comes from the Greek Wise ~ Wisdom


There’s Lessons on top that.


A Bow of Shot Glasses.


I am blessing you

for every blessing I get


To say there’s the value on

~ one physical

put its Cannabis


She’s a way of dealing with

cold weather [Faith]

I’m dealing with warm {Hope}


Is this becoming a big Sleep Study

I like it.

 I wanna work a ton easier easily

‘Beloved’, Anvil, all together ~

You’re allowed to be human.

~I told ‘To Bear, To Carry’

from sweating under clothes

‘Beloved’ tried touching private


To Bear, To Carry

is about Expanded Visionary


Together, I’m a couple ideas old.

Blood Father


These steps are Early Bird

There’s no need

to commit to them


So horny about broken ass people.


We played Southern Comfort.

~me, To Bear, To Carry,

Beloved & people


¤ Legend of the Earth ¤


December 4th ~ New Moon ~ Total Solar Eclipse in »-mid-Sagittarius→


I guess in front of this one Window~

don’t know if there’s going to be

hardly enough


Regular Job~

you try to meet the Masses


Let’s put our Intellects together.

~Husband to me