About all The Chronicles ‘I Hear You Here’

Love’s infatuated.

People were trying to limit themselves.


Did you feel it was Awake

All of its Baby


the Point & Paint~

10,000 years ago.


What of the Greeks

who showed you

what is Greek

[[Husband penned from dream]]

I often stay

chambered in

what I want to say

Bury your Color for burnout.


Makes you take over

the Seafood

in his Body

There’s a Doctor Bar.


A Poet’s Calling.

Some side step up not for me.

Thought to do it on Cleaning~

so please find

a Concept that works


There’s a Primal War.

Life as Educated in.

About all

The Chronicles

‘I Hear You Here’


Any City Wood would do.

One Man Death Sentence.

He is so Cardiac Arrest.



Smash Monster.




Ghosts & Spirits Tarot
The Magician {with Mercury}  ∞ The Tower {with Uranus} ¤ The Star {with Jupiter} † ~Bleeding Tower Tales: I am begging the Universe to move Heaven and Earth for me~ [Earth below me | Sky above me | Fire within me]