What’s happening on some Angel Rhythm

Boats & the Canal…


Just know Boy,

and know it will

be okay


Where the Tigers sleep,

where the Needles duel

{Bruno Mars kissing
someone of status}


All good for Clout.


8th, 9th, & 10th


Me need to know schedule @ Anvil

for who cleaning -like, my job-

Boss basically shamed me,

I whispered fuck [dream]


Heavy Attractive Player.


Could we

catch a Date

or something cool


Fold this over

and even Worship them



Learning Intelligence

Medically, Surgically


Natural environment not okay.


I was on short fuse–

Communication #


Some tight



Is it not being supported…


Sue, I remember you

telling that story

on Day’s Network

how it happened


They have

crazy bitch syndrome

all over about them


They didn’t care on entering late.


[ Got 4 o’clock Tupac ]


Page sent for me

to open out

over Projection


House block away

since it is main Color


Sunshine is restored

when using on

the bottom



born to life in…


What’s happening

on some

Angel Rhythm


Daily Reflections


{And I didn’t want}

A Hippie Leader

next to me


It’s a Nail Clipper.


I see Vehicles

can demand your Life


London Grammar

sounds like a

bad Bojangles


It’s way more expensive

to be more affordable

than affordable

to be affordable


My Mom bought me

some Medications,

this is where a Stripper

comes in