Anyway with your Path anyway is not blessing

Manor’s Landing.

The experience

Rush again


—Libra & Pedaling—

Sins, Sugar

So tonight,

I’m falling in

my Driveway


I was gripping onto

a Tiger Bear

More certain

Less sure

Lucy is my Daughter

{It’s nice now}


~A Word Poem & A Wordist~

Extra 10 Planks

of Playing Cards

She’s wearing

the Graphic

of her extra Tea



are something scary

{& I’ve seen ‘em}

And a little stuff

goes a long way

I’d really like to put a

Sensitive Output~


Just put it out there

as a lesson learnt

You’re the reason

I was doing good

Different times,

under different



Little stay

if you’re new

Fallen from Grace~

Anyway with your Path

anyway is not blessing


Mixed up into

the Emotions

After them

I’ve seen them order

my Swamazons

Happy Happy Birthday,



One in general

1 seems to

brought control