{XVIII} The Moon {Tarot Mucha}

‘The goddess of the Moon welcomes you to her world of dreams. She holds her hand to her lips, for silence and secrecy are needed in this realm. This is the place of looking within, of intuition and psychic messages. Across the waters of the unconscious lie the two towers, guardians and gateways to the land beyond. Luminous drops of dew fall to fertilize the imagination. Everything looks different by moonlight, and you are meant to see things in a new light, leaving behind the sharp shadows and light of day. This is a softer understanding, a more subtle illumination. All signs and portents are to be heeded now. Fear is natural, for danger awaits in darkness. Trust your instincts, the most mysterious depths of the self. Key ideas: Dreams, understanding slowly revealed, feminine mysteries, intuition, the great Mystery’