Riding into the Stars with the Sunsets

Just hit him

a million times over


Ordering Birds under the Sea,

all night

~ ~ ~

Ordering Birds under the Sea,

it’s just me


The things you’re going to

hate me for so long

you can only hate me

but for so much

–Former FB friend [political terrorist]


Me backwards wheel my Grandfather

down Mom & Dad’s Stairs~

one step at a time ~ me gentle ~ him thankful



Wherever I go by Stars,

you stand in

the Night’s Sky


Going by Stars,

Listening to the True Nature

of people


Don’t you think if you’re Rich,

you can kinda

figure it out


It needs to be done right.


More Electronically

My Heart works



I’ve been trying

to stumble

but it’s 30 Pages



things kept Inside



into the Stars

with the Sunsets


Homeward bound~


In the Pure Vibration

of Number


I Love myself

with a dear Technique


Wash things down to my

partially Autism



Sister Asheville is


We offer Thoughts,




One, after

Stay & Speak


How many people were

Sealing the Rest


Told them to Stand

if there’s nothing to…

[gave a great Husband

& Wife mode]


{Come over here at}

At Vision Life

to Celebrate


¤ Wotan ¤

your Spirit Guides

& Valkyrie


4 Miles North

or Direction North


{Tell you the Truth}

I need the 3

Collapse ~ Collide


Fighting this Weapon

with continued Light


There’s no occupation

for anyone’s results

to be flipped


We captured Wood

from Great Wolf,



~Charle’s Spa & Grill~

[[Charles: ‘free man’]]




please Pray for that


So I don’t know

what to do

with my Position





Day Dreaming

in Paradise



That is

a beautiful shade

& avoid it