Some friendly Ghost Story~

Moving on

The Spirits between

2 evils


I got to go out

to dinner

with Justine


Careless under

that Law


I could

pick up some

Dance Moves~

What’s there 8 years…

total rehaul

What is there -8 years

me & Mom, me inform Mom
Dad needs to do something radical on diet
& heart was size of 4 capacity
-didn’t want Mom alone


The Cross-Over


Calories to your



My Wife has made a


in a



[At least we can]

Burn with strife

and not waste it


Hey Honey, let’s go–


Everyone rest your head

on Katherine Shoulders-

her Head do not care

[[‘Katherine is the typical English spelling of the French Catherine, a name made famous by a 4th century saint, St. Catherine of Alexandria, whose legend and cult grew during medieval times. The etymology of Catherine is debated, but the earliest derivative of the name is most likely the Greek Hekaterine, stemming from “hekateros” meaning “the far reaching one”, suggesting that Katherine shares her roots with the Greek Goddess Hekátē [Hecate] goddess of the wilderness, childbirth and the crossroads. The “h” in Katerine was added much later in the 16th century in order to connect the name with the Greekkatharos” meaningpure, clear, innocent” [which gave us the English word “catharsis” meaning to purge or cleanse‘]]


You help

make a list

of Storm Drama


Gives to the



What a beautiful piece of Chips

that’s so sweet


Timber Pillars

in ground || in Norge

My Collection of

Permanent Writings

something to look at

Me explain confident

CW Ties from Birth-

hard to Mom but prestige

-connect. once read

made perfect sense


Didn’t even know

on Amazon it existed

The World Project





These things aren’t

shocking price


And some stupid

ego achievement


Some friendly

Ghost Story~


Probably ‘cause

we’re not going to

lock anymore of those up


’Cause GNC at Home-

I’ll still be elaborate


So he had Seattle Mortgage.


Do not disturb Privacy.


Which it’s Great-ning Functioning.


I felt like my shit

Dominated them

We all say that


Quit comparing-

But I can’t compare


Had to give a 10% discount

even though all was fine


Your Irie Vibe

has to stop


I’m probably going to

lose the Electricity

a couple nights

That 6 legged Garden Spider off back porch shared weeks ago was taken out by some entity
Remnants of Garden Spider leg/s & possible bug meals once webbed trapped