Play it back to your safe


Listen to God-Sent.



–To Bear, To Carry

More personal

me][my style

A »–B-o-w→ hit a bar


And I’m connected


Extra Repository.

I will always remain faded,



If he’s changed a lot

[I’m going]

to be surprised

Never. –your husband,

just doubt him

[men shoving wife under RV
to hide][control
wanting to be the more respected]

You are you are now

that I’m actually

thinking about it


Vision Bridge
A Bridge of Visions

Instead of giving her Liberation.

Can I mix this box with this box…


Manual Measurement.

If that stuff ever would

have built a Fire right up,

that Student would of been

straight for a long time

I guess I’ve seen preview

where she Walked

I guess you’ve seen previews

where she Talked


The problem is control the Skull reach.

[This is a Great Collection]

of stunning below

and Mythology


He earned Respect

for the entire Company


Him mad][sad

everyone posted on Insta

after he sent request

We’re all Buyers without remorse.

The Whole World

arranged you



I just want to see

an effort at these Jobs

Looking to get an


Sister][me looked at Brother’s Ivory Bench

Ivory Bench so ornate & expensive

with many large White Candles–

where did he get these][or blew his…

-it came from long way not damaged-

so fragile but complete


He stayed with me first.

Made Time your bitch.

All of a sudden time flies,

so go ahead

and have a Romance~


It’s weird

we have all this stuff going on

but don’t have a schedule-


That your answers

are smart & wise

and they are the right ones

Everyone will talk to a Troop.


Gradual Fitness


Weight Training

I just can’t believe

that you’re like that


It makes both Legs

look more Adorned & Masculine

—Thick Multipatterened Pillar Legs—


Tuesday’s Energy–

Tuesday’s Animal Energy

[Tuesday: Tiwesdæg|Tewesday, meansTīw’s Day“, the day of Tiw or Týr, the god of single combat, law, and justice in Norse mythology. Tiw was equated with Mars. Tuesday was diēs Mārtis, Mars’s Day,” in LatinMars being the Roman god of war. | Mars is embodied through the third chakra, Solar Plexus{ManipuraThe Planet MarsElement:Fire — Metal:Iron — Color:Red]

I have a Soldier

–work on Soldiers

all day

—Dual Reflect—


Something about that picture

that makes me want to cry

{cover photo}

We decided to Transform.

I’m the Mystic

that’s doing real well


Have you guys been caught

that you want her here


She actually Auctions seriously

–[Brother], when I speak in person

‘Fame Bright’s

going to fall



Look at all the things I can’t buy

because I got caught up in…

They amuse me

–’Fame Bright’

You’re going to show me

[Tarot] chores to do


I do Personal & Collective


I look like I have Dreads.

This Family’s

here to help you out



I know never bumping your Nose.

Thank you Brandyn Aubrey

I love you forever


Some of our




Amelia ≈ ‘Work’


Would you mind

starting your own

Thunder Company

God, this isn’t open yet.

That’s the proof pudding there.


Not 1 Song can do it

but a person can

Influence it

Have not seen many

commit to that forward

{E.T. vision}


My heart is wrenching all day

until I work this out

I heard you were him–

that’s scary to me


the most lovable guy

on TV


I still listen to the Song

like I did yesterday

The most powerful thing

as well as the most scary