It was so Dive~ like all the people who had ever bought it before

On Top,


Frezno & Dardin

are with you

{Frezno:’Ash Tree‘ | Dardin:’Dwelling-House‘}

Are you going to be

hearing me

up here Lyrics

My Bible Study

does that


So we’re not worried

about the Mural next week

Umm… we can start it

Then ask them…

No one asked me

to be my friend

Men have it so easy.

Remember how ordering

Tarot to be

Dad, Brother, Husband

~in House, Dad smoke~

there~ Ghosts, Global Pandemic

They brought this


–Protons & Neurons–

A direct hit-

don’t want him

to knock on his Door


Tarot asking for Summer

for Star¤Tarot

where to get

{Will be a time}

Where I do smoke~

& it’s going to be

the right time

It freaks her out

to Paint

a Picture

Small Cottage | Tiny Home

–ours -though alone-

I turned dryer on first thing–


Wren on Porch~

It’s just getting so swolt up

–boxes stacked

to Ceiling

in Garage

of my Writings

Wren on Porch~

You don’t have to-

Oh, I’ll do the Honors

I didn’t want to talk then,

you’re Lucky

~why are you so Lucky

≈Great Responsibility≈

I didn’t fuckin’ say that-

that Stick ain’t gone

& to hold me up

Brother, Husband, me

~Walking Upstairs∼

Husband upset working solo

Draw the Crow–

1000% Comfortable.


a Twist of


People, Nations, License Plates

& Community

I will wear


it’s okay

But that’s the thing,

I’m not friends

with anybody

Wounding Cu†s

‡ Healing Best ‡

John Water calls


John Water Salt’s


Eyes only for you

Had more


that inspired


It was so Dive~

like all the people

who had ever bought it before

Tonight, please watch the Saben Swan


The Book for Alter

Jesus, Father

Art should be made-

one should make

the constant Judgement

I might have good potential.


definitely skipped generations

I want nothing more than this


Lose myself

in something



tap into the power of

the Archangels

Deliver me

It makes

my writing interesting

solo lineup

And the few times

I had a terrible conversation

with her

“Stand up”

Stand up for yourself

I will fucking end it

with a parasite thing though

I’ve been on neck horse,

I’ve been on trouble

…stop at all

We ran through your House

I would never share that

son of abuse


I was insanely moved by that

~April}{To Open

Unique Specimen ¤ Tersa Sphinx Moth