I rocked & rocked the Silence

I truly needed

an Army of Angels

Having some issues with her-

she’s going through 24/7

–’All Sweetness, Honey


Are you Chirping again~

Tried to put this imitator here

and a whole ‘nother thing here

coerced solo lineup][writings

Have you seen

Have you seen

We can’t see

the Bible

Yesterday everything

in the House

is in 20 Shape

[‘20: The keyword is ‘Universal Service.’]

My Family’s past

writing abortion


I’m in love with my Art.

I have compassion for you

To Bear, To Carry

I rocked & rocked

the Silence

That Burnt Paper.

I pray to every force of Good Will


~Heavenly Angels~

Immediate help

I’m trying to be the best version of me

I need help

You’re Divinely Inspired.

Put it in a weird safe matching.

The general we customers.


Only libtards

talk shit about


I didn’t like that forever.

I can’t be who you want me to be

The lack of support and involvement is unreal

it’s like walking this life alone

I commend you.

Very pagan, very sincere.


Jesus dude, that was real.

Everything that you desire, Angels

I desire too


~Dandelion Wish~

I don’t like to fuck with Nature


Mystic Mayhem.

I pray to every force of Good Will.


Me being disingenuous

is doing no service to anyone

Backyard Bliss~