It is your exact Body; your Price is accurate

The Hearts of who I am ~ Trying to call you out on your bullshit –Mom/Sweetie Pie ~ If you’re honking your Horn ~ This is great Pleasure ~ I agree ~ The blessings of the Oracles ~ Walk bone dry to meet me out of the Woods

Doesn’t to be black, brown or anything, it can be everything ∗ I didn’t want to post anything out of character ∗ September when it comes ∗ Candlewood ∗ Trouble ∗ White Wolf {vision} Deserve the Crown of Death ∗ When people can’t tell you… ∗ We are leaving things at Jerico’s Place

Vital Virgo Energy ~ An Empty Door Category ~ It’s not about me ~ Naturally inclined to go through Hearts of Rage ~ {Do} you have the Tape Measurer on? ~ What’s in my heart- Wisdom closing? ~ Literally slamming into


My piece of advise -she didn’t understand ∗ 2 Million Dollar Homes to do ∗ Why didn’t they get on Facebook Pilates ∗ [I traded] an incredible…without a mask ∗ Sun’s the Sun’s Info ∗ Too far away or irrelevant ∗ A little more creative, way more creative ∗ Live Country ∗ You’ve experienced it

{To} Build your Bricks more metaphorically ~ For our Neighbors to see ~ Like Cops in slow motion {drops} ~ Wonderful opportunity for our House to flourish ~ The Chest is going to be outrageous ~ {The Houses} Upfront ~ Trees ~ A search warrant for your Arrest

A ton of Energy & Love ∗ Measured… people have never stopped caring ∗ I was so happy ∗ Surface level trance ∗ Holy fuck- I’m taking off my Shoes ∗ To grind it and not take selfish needs of breaks


He thinks he’s 3% Alien too ~ {Pig vision} ~ All the Ghosts were so beautiful ~ Can’t fight the dangerous field that I work in ~ My picture made them feel United ~ Machine Gun Kelly {truly so hot}

[Viking vision] ∗ Norse Gods ∗ The Pagan Version ∗ Eavesdropping ∗ As soon as it hit my feelings, it hurt them ∗ Obsidian ∗ Just put your Dress in front of a Sacred Mood ∗ Universal… The Fates are watching

Exalting her strength {turning off Phone when time} ~ I prayed for more readers ~ The end result ~ My messenger, Dog ~ 100% Talk is cheap ~ Moronic ~ {Where you get your ideas} Pandora’s Box ~ There will be a time when I eventually fall asleep ~ Front Daddy wishes some Tale in the Night ~ Fallen Angel


It’s catching up the days [without her] –Anvil ∗ Are you done with today, I want to fuck with my writing [a little more] ∗ Drinking some Milk’s Midnight Fever ∗ Peeling down, you’re still locking the layers

Men at the Crossroads ~ {Look at the Man} It looks just like The Universalist ~ In-graved in this ~ You end up like this ~ I’m feeling it, I’m feeling it a lot- when do these seep in

Angels– be able to have my Cake and eat it too ∗ Never experienced anything like this ∗ Contortionist ∗ To Celebrate Birth of Fantastic Child ∗ A visit in Paradise ∗ One makes a big difference [for me] ∗ And you can tell she’s exhausted a bit [Demi] ∗ Debi’s past ownership ∗ [Why] Opening together it’s wrong for me to


I know he has a Garden up to ~ All you were planning on doing was facing your fears ~ Wish a Bone off Branches ~ Feel like I’ve been fucked up ~ Some being IOU from Computer ~ Non-American buyer ~ Buy Amazon

This is how deep I scrub my shit man [2 forearm faux tattoos, one on each arm done in May, now Summer over, not scrub super soft] ∗ Typical Warning Dove- Message ∗ Fateway. ∗ I’ll go down the sank in mine too ∗ Color, Heart Testimony

A lot of Enginuity coming in, I can see the whole Country in ‘Natomy ~ Apollo ~ It is your exact Body; your Price is accurate ~ CVLS 30 Main ~ I can’t stop looking at it ~ Need to go run deep ~ To shoot for a Morning thing ~ There’s all intensive Metaphorics


I do have Trains but still ∗ Somatic to say Somatic ∗ Morgue & Raw Death rocked and rocked our Silence ∗ Alternative Text ∗ They have to be on my own ∗ Balance with the Universal Mind ∗ Work Tarot ∗ Morgue & Raw Death rocked and rocked our Silence

The rest of things Natural ~ Social Stroll…Justice Freedom ~ As Above, So Below, As Within ~ And I like beat up that are Work Admission ~ Proton & Molecules you can’t relate, you Fine China

To a place you know- Consequence ∗ Then 8 years later the soul suffers ideas… ∗ Lucy- a person who felt for a long or a time… ∗ A person who is coming in Winter ∗ Burning Candles on both ends ∗ Give me some Nicknames/Middle Names for it


Life indeed is meant for standing upon yourself ~ Grab the Door meaningsscattered… ~ We can only help figure ourselves out ~ Clean the House here- but it’s usable ~ I’ma help you get the drip downs after we’re done

I really invite you… Worship Glory ∗ You can keep the Metal on- I want to wash my hands ∗ America- not everyone’s the elite broke ∗ Money issues- there’s no money to be made here