{So Important to me} So much so I got to Sit out in the Sun

If you’re away,

I’m damn choking on it

Husband [when alone with writing]


This House and everywhere’s my Heart

[I’m excited to where them]


Let me be a Pagan…


Tourist are wack–



It strips and quiets me.


The Heat’s feeling

really whipping

out there


Yes, not her–

I just wanted to go get

my Shoes on-




Water from Attic


And if there are


in the background




The leak inside Attic

from downpour outside

-made me think my House was

defective or shoddy



Now once you get Married.


He said if you want to

cut his Drill


This Balancing Act


Be it end

of all things Spiritual


Forensic Evidence was gathering

to take out guest work {guesswork}

and for loved ones


Can I Answer all your questions…


There are realities in life

that you don’t want to see

walk towards you

–’Eagle Wood’



Can’t Cats accent

a Lifetime of Cats


Make my new Home

a very good



[I need]

Civil fucking Freedom


So peacefully

I don’t get Mom



There’s not chilling ‘round me

and I don’t care

–who I am for real


{So Important to me}

So much so I got to

Sit out in the Sun


‘In the image of the King of Pentacles, the King sits on his tree throne. He is flanked by two bears that symbolize the connection to feminine energy of Mother Earth, the goddess energy, introspection, dreamtime, and the intuitive side. The King’s emerald crown embodies focus, healing, wisdom, and intuition. The three golden spirals represent the triple goddess. Two eagle feathers bring expanded vision. The two raven feathers awakens the magic life offers. The sun behind the King’s head portrays the fire of spirit feeding his life force. On the King’s chest the pentacle star, expresses man living on Earth in balance with peace and grace. As green is the color of love and life, his gown signifies growth, harmony, and healing. The stars on his arm and torso reveal all the magical possibilities that life offers. The King holds the World Tree/Tree of Life shield. The World Tree/ Tree of Life is an ancient universal symbol of the interconnectedness between nature, humanity, and the heavens. The Unicorn sitting at the King’s feet caresses the shield, epitomize the spiritual gateway to the higher realms of the Divine. The Unicorn’s magical spirit brings creation to the world of matter.’


Help me know

Make it Al†er

Make better


Put some Chaos on.


Everything I do,

I’m Proud


No anti-Church Job.


Why does the Writing show

the rest of

the Playground Music


You said turning 50 would be huge.

-I wonder if it’s

just another day


I don’t buy myself many Gifts

but when I do…



Truly Amazing Family


{Yoga Mat}

I brought in first

before it faded


Do you have

any Plane Tickets


Let’s just be very clear though.


The Drums just feeling the Guitar

and the Drum’s

a lot today


Once they became my Parents

I didn’t tell anyone


Calling Out

Spirits, Angels, Gods…


It’s your

Window of Opportunity,

it’s your last one


I pay Attention

to the



Beautiful Pyrography on cork gifted on my birthday last year~