Promise to be wise in your Provision



Oklahoma City.

[“Oklahoma [Choctaw] meaning: “honored people“/”brave nation“/”a brave people” | root “oklameansnation“/”group of people“, “hummameanselite“/”brave“]






All the Annual Contracts

included in the first place

they were strongest

not now and never
previous [spirits, threatened]


Her Diplomatical Diploma


Discovery Pattern ← Geo Flowers

—High Brave—

me pour Water in Copper Bottle

and I was not conscious of me

to rest on top of my chick when pouring,

[Write your Name down]

I was nervous I guess


[In Town][so]

You never move

your whole life


You look & feel

like a Million Bucks~


Who cares if they don’t have money,

let them dig their

own grave –family members


Promise to be wise in your Provision.




Are they looking at it

as a Justice metaphor

or a Spiritual metaphor

Court, Supreme


I hear you,

everything she does

seems more complicated

than the next


What’s new in Paradise…


We jam everything Pro-to

[Professional & Pronto]

Mom & Dad packing



Small and she has

Bed for people

who are leaving…


I tested

John Positive

for Perfection




[I really feel]

The Universal Mind

has a mind of its own


Call and ….. your family

but has never been



Riches of the Soul.


Oracles & Pagans.


I can’t ignore history

{& energy}


NATIVE AMERICAN TAROT ~ 7 of Wands: Knife. ‘Instrument of the hunt and sacrifice, it recalls the necessary cruelty of the gods.’ [pulled around 1:00am 9.3.21 after finishing writings titled ‘To help the Knife that he bought his own with’]


This is why

I’ve been hissed-



The god, Thug.


You’re welcome to

Stand 1 Story



It’s going to take Bachelors here

where the Kids aren’t

Prophetable enough


I know these run a little small…

Rainbow Sandals

{Size 7}


Touché, Touché




You don’t know

what might of

Haul that Brush



Comes from Survival

~Tarot Card


Fort Monroe.


[I hope I held]

Held enough

Elmer Fuddy

[“Elmer Fudd’ His famous catchphrase is “Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits”. Besides this variation in speech, Elmer Fudd is also famous for his iconic laughter.”]


We didn’t want to

cross the Upstairs

to the Hallway

6 legged Garden Spider on back porch