Wildly their ideas, Widely their feelings

Stone Lass,

because I work relating

& I will after pee –yet going


I am Hungry right now for sure.


I hate people

I fucking hate people

[from the depths of soul on the
ugliness of the human condition, from personal
discrimination of appearance][energy]


I said ‘take care’

to him in my dreams [old boss]

I didn’t have to say anything

-but it was final time.

[a reconciliation of peace
from a dark pain]


Enjoy Time.


Unintroduce yourself.


Reintroduce yourself.


Authentic Tribe.


Watch out for an

unhealthy relationship



Bone dry for 3 nights,

licked everything

off the Plate


Told your Sun-in-Law

so much stuff

[thought Son wrote Sun]


I’ve gone through

emotions this year

but emotions are

pretty chill


[Past Sister’s got]

A Ship with no Sail

A Flag with no Tribe


[Don’t worry]

Only Letters I need tomorrow are

I’m Pregnant


Thug betraying to thug Tuesday.


Trying to post on

different people’s

day sheet



{meaning:”of the Sea“}


Thicker than slab?


There’s been plenty

of Studies about it,

Mom can reach any person


Wildly their ideas,

Widely their feelings


Wash your Hands

Mike, hands, many hours, ‘…..’


Restarting cleanse~ late Summer~ best time.


At LA}{out

Goodies Stand ~ Funnel Cakes, …, …

~me eat dairy in Soup, no big deal~

huge everything, hot, cool


She wasn’t thinking.


I am feeling

the Money of Element–

Shift into this War


Hollow & Mystic


That was nice

to heart 2 people

of 3:33 in their Marriage


Trueblood, came to sell drugs-

[handed me check] when introducing

-I didn’t want other to see


2 pills, 1 weed, 1 other,

all because I left a VM & had $. & self control

-I was looking for Kaz to give back pills as not my thing-

Her: “they may not go to festival either-

get searched before going in”

[a past person who has passed, made aware of their presencediscovered today, August 31st ‘International Overdose Awareness Day’- the night of/before dream]


With small changes,

we can make big happenings


Me sit in Circle with Family

I read out Lines][Messages & explained

-one by one-

they thought were interesting & entertaining

–some got, others not


Pants in the Bank,

I’m not paying for anything



All in a day’s work.


He learned that he just arrived here.


2 people from past knowing–

when I saw they were alive [spirits]

even though [I knew physically dead]

they were very alive -truly.

—I know a sign of Spirit World Eternal—

both gave me exact keys of closure, information,

and confirmation as to what ended

and comfort, peace -they visited me.

Bottomline– there was not a thought of

separation when in presence- only a memory of

“but I thought that person died.”

Oh yeah they… well that’s why they’re

here alive in front of me


Not even a pattern

back on the East Coast


Jesus, Christ, you’re very Powerful–

Aid my Journey in Accomplice


Help me make this real

for real

THE WILD WOOD TAROT ~ FOUR OF BOWS ~ Celebration ~ MEANING ~ ‘A celebration of health, wealth and security and a time to relax and enjoy the bounty of good fortune or labour. A holiday or festival at a time of plentiful fertility and creativity.’ {Bows equivalent to Wands/Staves ~ the element of Fire}