I’m turning my back against Weight loss~ so beautiful

Oh no

they just kept

coming to her


You just Named it last night.


Break it down

in Newport News



Baby, me hold~ Sister came with

female}{male group to bonfire~

she okay ~welcome~ others not in Tribe



He wants to say something to you

To Bear, To Carry


A non-sensible family-

half the battle


People are just 25 yesterday.


Granddad ‘Dark, Swarthy’ ~ Undelivered Letter


—Hang up & just Text—


A bunch of your special shit,

your Class Thursday

~3 Black Caps}{Visors


It’s going to change my World.


Look at things

you need to talk about

the Airstream Sandwich

or something


By the way,

a lot of this stuff

Moby’s going to pay for


Dad gave me his tyranty

next Monday


I don’t even know

if I have 2 Entrances


It is Worldly~

pushes one’s



Jagged Edge

in Jeep playing~



I kept separating the polarities.


{Reading} The 3D Message


I guess I’ll just keep

everything from you too

me to Husband


Talk with Brother last night.


Please be patient {hang in there}


The insight of Relationships.


I just won’t get in

somebody else’s work in uniform

All my heart [stuck]



I’m turning my back against Weight loss~

so beautiful


43 ¤ 44 ˜ 54 ¤ 53



Party at my house, all go on

then me apologize

for being melancholy

{dream clip}


The Holy Grail of Base 378

the intense time

when nurturing

and fair square squares


Is like a gentle reminder~


~one short blue shorts

organic period pad

reverse inside out~

they say just Lilli-oal

issues a melancholy

{dream clip}


God’s Size Catering.


Free Extinguishes

so nice~

Pray I never have to

use those


Brother updated Art Account~ I said I saw

All hanging out in my room

with pillows~ all my Magic

~someone downstairs questioned

my writing as surface or fraudulent

“Have you experienced it?”

~I laid it down with fury~



Driving on Bridge with partner in Gladiator–

cones came up out of nowhere

swerved instead of driving over cone barriers

–overcorrected then went down tunnel to end

Heard “blood”