They have transformed my life, every night is a gift upon reflection. I have long desired for anyone to read what I heard and felt in its un-coerced form, as I have orchestrated my projection on the line-up for years with how and what I’ve deemed energetically sound. Obsessed on separating the wheat and the chaff, themed them to make sense of the esoteric lines, which has been a great joy though puts me in bind with what I want/know should be immediately ‘out there’. I have been a nut of control. When truly I am moved when I read them in their threaded entirety. I have been overwhelmed with how to present the writings. It should be as simple as getting out of my own way. As most humans, my time is limited as is my energy. Knowing this will fill my cup and hopefully the readers, I am in constant distraction with how I have done this. Thus falling into disillusion. I have always worked to make money full-time, leaving minimal time in comparison to what I’ve needed. It is a mental/physical/spiritual burden with the backlog I always carry in hopes of fitting it in as I can when years pass by before I get to them. I have spent too much time playing and not cutting to the chase. Not wanting to bore, overexpose myself, nor be irresponsible. Understanding each one comes from a different level and form of energy. I have suffered immensely. It’s been hard for me to be honest about my feelings.