“You Live Forever, Granddad.” “So Far I Couldn’t.”

“You live forever, Granddad.” -me

“So far I couldn’t.” -Granddad

[Granddad was distressed]
[voice was longing][crying when spoke]
I first asked my Mom: How are you doing, Mom?
She [while she holding Granddad’s hand] couldn’t talk-
only cry after face pucker up trembling
That’s when I came up and hugged Granddad and said:
“You live forever, Granddad.” — “So far I couldn’t.”
Grandpa Greene hugging me after I hugged him-
him and my Mom were holding hands as my Mom
helped him upstairs their house [they were caregiving for him]
though he passed in 2009- I thought how is he still living][alive
My Parents were his caregivers- never leaving his side
[now time][corona time][1.9.21]