16 thoughts on “Structured Yet Formless

  1. This dream in here
    I’m on your side, you should more can lauchten to the light the heart
    the soul can befrein as the sun comes and goes every day without
    Delay, like the moon in retmos to partner our mother nature, I know
    at the same time I was the court for you,

      1. live and love by surprise

        after our birth with the first cry of life and love
        in this world, you can not distinguish, see, only with love

        which is part of our behavior,
        man can not buy it, do not sell but to pass on is possible
        that is can so as to blindfold your ways go,
        eliminate even inevitable obstacles, repeatedly, until the target
        without help will not do and it’s hard to cope with hardly and if so is a number
        .The requirement of us associate itself strongly, yes we can
        man has become greeting, but where, when Wim which paves why, and what half
        with jumps equality, and fate that changed half forward, fated destiny
        Wes because I believe that only on what to watch and listen to judge himself
        we want people are always credit God to use we perceive his local (earth) + (Sky) =% living god perception without opening times and love
        let not that word HOPE not inschtich he verlesst you too
        in every respect souls gravity erkännen,
        in every respect souls gravity and recognize already, nice to recognized
        Life and love

        by Salah Elnemr

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