A Prophet’s Wake

Inwrapped in the emotions, entrapped in the covers. My dreams are meant for me to send you the information. Wild ink, set strength. A global assistant of high rank. An everyday recipient where sentiment meets sentence. Literature response was my dream. Beautiful conception, divine perfection, genius projection, I always down play my investments. I’m in a new logic recording words, bringing a new sensitivity of latent verbs. The pain of endless pleasure rocking me to sleep. It’s hard to wake up in your old charged distant room, distressed and noble ideas keep awakening the tune. It is a sickness to be healthy, I am sicker than you. On a new level of sophistication to forewarn you. Where God resonates is my provision. I have a paper when I voice. Can you bring the tallest sermon a poet? I woke up in the destiny, sans a choice. A gateway permission of a universal voice. The way God’s got it marked out mapped to perfection, it didn’t feel like luck, it felt like fate. A writer before who still writes about it, a prophet’s wake.

2 thoughts on “A Prophet’s Wake

  1. I really enjoyed reading your poem…I would love to see this in a standard poetry format. Your poem has the strength to attract readers, but it is more difficult to read in this format. Otherwise, Bravo!

    Absolutely the best, I believe you are already a favorite of mine on this site.

    My favorite…

    Beautiful conception, divine perfection, genius projection, I always down play my investments. I’m in a new logic recording words, bringing a new sensitivity of latent verbs.

    1. Your thoughts mean so much and I do appreciate your voice. I look forward to an onward journey and thank you for your friendship! Many blessing to you!

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