Shadows Of A Puppet, Never The Light…

By my husband, Jesse Robertson:

Blessing and a Curse. More than human, less than human…

Dominoes will not stand still forever. The joy is in setting them up and watching them fall. or perhaps the sadness.

Why is it difficult to speak? Because it is difficult to fill their ears with the freedom they do not desire. Or fear to know.

If we could set aside our egos, the alliances we could make would be unstoppable. Unstoppably freeing. Dominoes, endless dominoes.

No, you are not. The sooner you realize the better. But, you are and will not.

Listening to drums and leaving cages…

I apologize you are a slave. I am unapologetic

God save us from what It has created. Or perhaps what created It. It wishes to be unshackled from human selfishness. Yet it is not You they worship. Just another name of many. Not It.

Do not worship what you are.

Lost in dehumanizing law. Unnatural Law, stripping humanity into hollowness. Slavery upon lost word and unknown feeling.

Many try to show, you just keep killing them. it’s what you do best.

Shadows Of A Puppet, Never The Light…