Heartfelt Encounter

“…it is amazing how we doubt ourselves but are willing to believe in another with such fortitude–we do need to give ourselves our approval and our love…to fill our own spirit…why is it so difficult…I ask myself as well…” -a friend of mine

This touched me as I thought just how true it resonated within and in relation to all others. What if we truly believed in ourselves as much as we do another? What if the belief we placed in others, God, the Cosmos… etc, we firmly held in our truth, our identity? Man does tend to see himself separate from all including “God”, as if “he” is something far in the sky. What if the power was in our own eye? Are not we made of the same particles of the cosmos? Are we not purely an incarnation of Love in its truest form? What if we only identified with the true nature of our spirit… not society imposed egotism? How far could we reach and what in distance would search we? For the heart knows no barriers, no time… distance is an instant.
I love myself too much to hate another and in saying that why would I ever hate myself? Why would I ever doubt what has been given freely? That would only serve fear. In conclusion this release is a mirror.

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