A Templar Of The Night’s Extreme

God gave me a year on the front line
I thought I would die
Fear shook the ridicule out of esteem
So myself was left obsessing
Crooked route in desperate screams
God don’t leave me here alone to squeam
I am defending your dream
As I ask for nothing but your frame
To magnify the soldier’s strength
Our battle is won, I just needed
a prophetic glimpse of the son
Thank you for antagonizing the front


Genetic Pull Is Your Destiny

When I look at the sky

I see the future time

reflecting back at us

I’m a speck on this earth

with the universe within

Outside in, planetary

alignment jolts the skin

Seers of grim reapers,

keepers of the lend

Entails my kin, no space,

no time to sift, must shake

Beyond all knowing,

foundation quake

Contour relate, primal

primary Worlds Awake

Genetic pull is your

destiny, your fate