I Missed These Years

and I don’t know how to say
because you can’t get time back
so I’ma write these words down to
do justice the reverberated tact
because I don’t know what to
do, I’m a beautiful wreck
just like you and I still
don’t have the right words to say
but this here sentiment I relay
in hopes you come to terms
with the heart of motives
this here page turns


Onward Trial

Sorry to everyone

who I’ve hurt in this life

That was not my intent

To cause pain and

project strife

I’d say it’s my shadow,

but who needs an excuse?

My apology is profound,

can we start anew?

Feelings aside,

I am human at best

Relations, situations,

tribulations, put to test


Amazing How That Time Gap

I’d tell you but I can’t really tell you

What course of events played

out after we were spent

It’s too gory, juicy and insane

Bloody mess of reality set to stage

my truth of range, you don’t have a clue

what transpired after our post rendezvous

It’s like déjà vu seeing you again

The time gap made a kind of whim

Allowing us to regurgitate

the proper win