Facing Disaster, Be Ready

Life will give you what you’re ready for
Even if you don’t know you’re ready for
The destruction yet to come
Make way for what’s to come
It’s coming, destruction’s maze
Disaster of events going on
Destructing the way
you thought you’d
go, no, no, no
crumbling itinerary
woe track 


Your Vital Weavings Cast Me A Legacy

The patience in knowing you’re doing your best

Keeps you on your feet expectant of higher rest

Let me fall on my own 2 feet again

Do it again and over within

Each moment I dare not waste

15 slices a day to heaven takes

Honor, diligence, sacrifice

Makes vital weavings Master Life

Gaining truth each day in clarity

I sift such time in harmony

Your vital weavings cast

me a legacy