The Dream I Would Die For

I’m in an area in between
Always have been, always felt the dream
The amount of passion with this introvert
However shy this relay converts
What I’m trying to say
I can’t though this is the best way
I’ll try, in this is how I’ll survive
I mean it, I’ll die if I don’t set it free
This vocal within me covers the scene
The area in between, the dream
I would die for it seems

Power To Be In Your Own

i needed to see
what this could of been
without a friend
i longed for this
alone at bliss
can’t help my nature
i love you still
can’t help the fact that
i needed a thrill
to be alone
in colors or reel
i needed the deep water
to see what i feel
what this could be
now i know
love’s a disease
grown free
fighting for the cure
never beside
alone in me
the sentiment
the power
inner siege


Socially Skewed

I’m so awkward All The Time

I know what I want to say

It just never comes out that way

My social needs to fine tune query

I’m so awkward

It’s extreme and varies

It’s ridiculously scary

I trip up on my game so much

It’s pretty crazy


A Warm Point In Roasting My Point

So much thanks to all my WordPress friends ❤
this spirit filled community has been an incredible blessing
in my life, everyone of you has inspired me greatly
this platform has been a catapult for growth and
enormous strength over the past 16 months
although by nature I am truly shy
just as many sensitive souls are
I look forward to continuously
feeding the flame with function
I appreciate your time, good fortune
respect, encouragement and honesty
your authentic hearts have touched mine
With Roasted Admiration, Brandyn Aubrey