The Curve of Imperfection

Awaken the foundation of self mastery. You’re going to do a lot of stupid things in your life, better forgive yourself now. I could seriously confuse what tactics were used and what robotic drainage was moved. Karma’s a bitch, quit controlling it. Does it sound as real as it is fake? Letting go of false dreams into the future of now. The home of the forerunner. I was on my destination, I was arriving. We should move away so we evolve and we don’t evil. It’s part of the oldest known plan.


Define Gravity

What if you lived backwards?
What if you witnessed the
inner workings of all minds
to the domino effect that
is cause and effect?
How our choices set the play
and how reality is our stage
Would you pass or praise
an opportunity of a moment
to last amazed, can you
delve through the maze
to connect a paradigm
relating time and space