I Went Through A Genuine Panic I Couldn’t Keep Together

i felt as though i went through hell, i died
every piece of me destroyed
i squirmed and screamed, i couldn’t submit
i admit i thought i was dead
i wanted to die, i thought i had
wtf is going on, wtf, will i ever be the same
who am i what’s this game
never again will i be the same
why is my instinct to reach for comfort
and not be destroyed by my own making
what have i done, what has happened to me
i had betrayed everyone including myself
i experienced an ultimate low, i saw myself
for the nothing i was, i wanted to end it so
bad everything in me was screaming
get me out i am so uncomfortable
i can’t breathe and i don’t know who i am

© Brandyn Aubrey 2015

If It’s In The Storm

Most everyone’s human and they make mistakes
I’m so tired of slipping and sliding around the rat race
As if I’m the only one waiting, most of us are left here debating
What it is we could of done differently, like our pain wasn’t a trial of higher reach
This is the storm, do you think anything is hiding in it, do you think it’s warm?
The hurricane of teach, my foundation crumbled to rebuild a preach
Taking a thunder creative route worthy of a recognition’s seat
We come to unravel to rapture the heat