Wow That’s A Nasty Mystic, 7 Nasty Nights a Night

I just don’t pray
I counted smoke mirrors to the Sky
Most my ideas were prayers of mind
Tonight marks the night of canopy dreams
The Tide’s taking in a bigger frame of scene
The architect in my dreams
Makes way out in each realm I see
My dream began to wake up
In a daze it said it needed no more sleep
A good eye for the environment
The investment, Tide knows it too
Home at last, a major lapse
Entranced cocoon


Synchronicities and affirmations, the power of transformation.

You realize your true purpose only when you let go of what might have been. Following the signs and inner rhythms will guide you as your destiny awaits. It is comforting to know everywhere you have been has a reason and anything you now attain was something waiting to be unlocked, intended for you to remember and ultimately surrender to.



Always seek expansion the first hour of your day. Consciously or not this will impact your interactions with yourself and the world around you. Positive affirmations, prayer, meditation, yoga. All of these are wonderful. Even if you do not have an hour to simply absorb your external surroundings and process the moment, use this time for internal dialogue that will fill your heart with hope, healing and energy to be the best you you can be. Before I get out of bed, I silently take a moment of gratitude for the waking of my being. I then look directly in the mirror into my eyes and proclaim, I am beautiful, I am strong, I am courageous, I am one of a kind, I am needed here today for a mission only I can fulfill. You are valuable and much needed right now, today and everyday you have breath left in you. Only you can fulfill the mission. How you start your day is how you begin your life.