If It’s In The Storm

Most everyone’s human and they make mistakes
I’m so tired of slipping and sliding around the rat race
As if I’m the only one waiting, most of us are left here debating
What it is we could of done differently, like our pain wasn’t a trial of higher reach
This is the storm, do you think anything is hiding in it, do you think it’s warm?
The hurricane of teach, my foundation crumbled to rebuild a preach
Taking a thunder creative route worthy of a recognition’s seat
We come to unravel to rapture the heat


Your Vital Weavings Cast Me A Legacy

The patience in knowing you’re doing your best

Keeps you on your feet expectant of higher rest

Let me fall on my own 2 feet again

Do it again and over within

Each moment I dare not waste

15 slices a day to heaven takes

Honor, diligence, sacrifice

Makes vital weavings Master Life

Gaining truth each day in clarity

I sift such time in harmony

Your vital weavings cast

me a legacy


Stars Like Music

It is interesting what
one person does to this world
If it weren’t for you so many
would not develop what was
meant to unfold
Don’t you know
you are a shining star
built like a northern light
to guide all home
to insight