With The Battle That He Took To Your Arms Given Won

If you never gave yourself room to breathe
You would suffer from the lack of belief
For we all desire to please
Now where you draw
your source from is key
For I seek a precious leaf
dipped in a fine layer of gold
This is as fine strung as it comes
Destiny ticks, my life is a battle
Mapped out, planned, already won
I know my worth come not from my deeds
My life’s unraveled through the room to be me
Untethered and free, though all consumed by
your supple creed, a fluid design of history
Enclosed by your seal and mystery


I’m On A Soul Path That Nobody Can Walk But Me

It’s something they can’t take away
They can never take over, they can never say
What it is to be me and how to dictate what’s free
They decipher begrudgingly
and they make their own
bed to lay in what they’ve shown
is their beauty or lack there of
Never mine to accumulate what they dug
I’m on a soul path that nobody can walk but me
I’ve earned my will to live unbegrudgingly


If A Poet Screamed Could You Hear?

Like I was sad
no one saw my vision
I half held in contempt my reasons
Didn’t understand why no one held my hand
in meeting my grand illumination within
My dreams are visions and I held ’em so dear
Nothing to fear, though they questioned my sincere
I just wanted to share unbridled and fair
Family and friends, do they see me real now?
Taken years of hard feelings to
rummage the plow