I’m super super intelligent. → If you thought walking thoughts into matter

Full text: I’m super super intelligent. → If you thought walking thoughts into matter

Edox. ∴ 

Once clocked in and eating right when you clock in is usually not my style but I was busy [Tiger vision with glowing eyes laying on all 4s] be careful.

Soul suicide. So much more likely to have people be patient. In due time. Deliverance.

You truly get close to energy – problem solver.

Devil and the intuition. Famous little secret.

Wisdom unbound. I was giving up at the same time you were.

Open and the gates and let the saints through. Wisdom unbound.

I was the subject living in the most Sun since ___.

Who need I to take from. But who needs bananas at Nike. Man and I going to different stores and I find my bananas and phone charger I left/charger behind but bananas just ripened – I was going to buy my bananas back but then I realized Nike doesn’t even sell them and just head out with your claim. I would leave them a note on the adapter/lights.

I’m super super intelligent. → If you thought walking thoughts into matter.

∴ The devil and the Ace.

Do I start on a 3 letter conversation. Do I start on a 3 letter combination.

Is a great pen diary combination. Thick neem and noomed.

∴ Social justice party high off revenge. ∴ . Square footing – the last ranger. Accept change for 30 days. ∴ Blank canvas.

I’ll get that up and we can just dust the rest. –sand from overwatered pot on chain rope in front of store.

∴ Brandyn—you’re a very special young lady –—. ∴ Then in antique village – Man made this really nice wood/weathered booth thing – integrity.

How do I have peace after all the Major Arcana draw –Vision I drew all.

Man thing—excuse me while I touch myself. Man was creating and had a space to create it. ∴ The most demoralizing human. I break it down. ∴ I felt very developed. Big ego and I[‘m] not trying to complicate anything.

Quantum physics. Dumb questions that get 2 answers.

Strong bend in communication. Advanced predictions.

Soul reader—trance writer.

April 29th, 2023

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The Archers

I see you

with 15 of these,

a black home would be stylish

I told The Archers in my dreams
to be this big or beautiful


Dope expansions of my mind
Balloons in the sky
Favor’s been touched by an angel

*Glass Slippers*



I’m not shocked
by nothing anymore
At all you see
What is real to me
is universal grime
I’m doing just fine
It’s hit my kind
with ghosts of time
Ghosts getting time
I’m not surprised
by ghostly eyes

Swollen Facts


Creation’s Misfits
Top a rebel wish list
To edge a lucid soul cliff
To blanket a water witch shift
While a seance gift-ness
Marks cross souled kinship
All relations lifted
Mending spirit’s love-kiss
An autopilot realm switch
Uniting ties of formless
The message clear
We hatch bliss
Communion whole
We hone this


Deep Water


When a person goes into speed without thought –Void.


Want to do something forcefully so time doesn’t remember us.


How bad I want this done under a kindred spirit. Why does it name it real and forgotten.


Big ego and humble. It creates a certain humbleness of spirit.


Is a Great Pen Diary Combination

Southern charms. Passion and obsession.

Looking for a bulletproof vest. Too much pain to function – critical function.

Don’t need to be staggered by… . [I’ll be] The 20 Bread—The 20 Shoulders.

Illuminate your own windows. Whenever you saw what is left.

Spiritual shallow war. I don’t love this—I like this.

You don’t seem over drinking water. It might force something from within.

Is a great pen diary combination. God specific research.

All these other bills were probably timed.

The cats and money for soda. Crave day. I hustle and I flow.

Ex–Sabrina–Pop. Secret scoops in glasshouse beverage.

I got a million years to make things due for us. Sunset for your flowers.

Contest the desk of 1000 feet. A notable decline with the finger swipe. Always thin to Bob.

Decisions are sentimental. A unique dying to self.

Nobody understands, but I do –Havoc and Consequence.

from December 22nd, 2021

‘Jacob’s Ladder, or Jacob’s Dream {1799-1806} pen and grey ink and watercolor on paper by William Blake [1757–1827]’
‘The ladder leading up to heaven seen by Jacob {Genesis 28:12} in a dream, when on his way to the town of Haran he laid his head on a stone by the side of the road, falling asleep.
A universal constant of the religious consciousness is the idea of a specific place where heaven and earth come together. It seems that, by accident, Jacob stumbled across this sacred spot. Convinced that that was the right place, he erected a stone marker, naming it Beth-el [House of God].
According to the Kabbalistic view, Jacob’s Ladder is a metaphorical representation of the powers of alchemy, operating through visible nature.
The “Ladder” was a “Rainbow”, or prismatic staircase, placed between heaven and earth. Jacob’s dream implied a history of the whole hermetic creation. There are only two original colors, red and blue, representing “spirit” and “matter”, for orange is red mixing with the yellow light of the sun, yellow is the radiance of the sun itself, green is blue and yellow, indigo is blue tinged with red, and violet is produced by the blending of red and blue. The sun is alchemic gold, and the moon is alchemic silver. In the operation of these two potent spirits, or mystic rulers of the world, it is supposed astrologically that all mundane things were produced.
Talismans in the shape of miniature ladders were very common in antiquity, representing the means to ascent to heaven.’
‘Another interpretation of Jacob’s Ladder says that it depicts reincarnation.’
Recently gifted myself new Pendleton gear ~ Big Medicine Coffee Mug & Crescent Butte Yoga Mat

This is pretty evening {even} ~ This is pretty fair
Very kindly and last minute [People at evening, not in day — Lady who only went out when dark]