It was spirit protection → ‘diamond in the rough’

It was spirit protection → ‘diamond in the rough’

Progress can’t cut through progress.

In bedroom with large closet → getting car work done in snow → I electronically signed password.

Kristin Cavallari with blue tips. –Only way she could switch up her style.

With the 4 Winds involved.

Someone going to drive 2 hours away in snow to get their car worked on by me. Energy of exchange. I’d never step foot in… . Responsibility increase. Flabbergasted. I feel you so hard right now –Man. The weight on my soul is too great right now.

I just had a vision for a very clean and pristine work environment. And it’s only because I am hypersensitive to my environment and energy around me.

I just didn’t get to sleep last night.

…and time was of the essence – I couldn’t go on → the transmission of *something was very negative – from a low field source of vibration – it made me lose sleep and was eating me alive.

It was spirit protection → ‘diamond in the rough’

“Uncommon James”.

They just don’t math, she’s right → “Bougie”.

You guys are so irresponsible –us both.

Sacrifice. Going to have a hard time getting over you –you too.

That rock thing we needed that.

Get dressed, do my money, do my body. Recycle.

But look at us, we’re painting, all good.

People come up with something this good, you’re hard to beat.

Total reform. The Source is showing it to me.

I believe you. [I] Believe in yourself.

Your truth is universal. First responders.

What plan you benefit. –Jack Frost details.

Repetition – if you release the ticket master.

I would say she’s shook – yeah you got something on her.

That’s our leverage firm of people.

White, yellow, black, Jamestown.

That was the hangman – that was the source.

A bit fewer mistakes than me. I don’t care, they were impossible to work with. Training inferior. Bad foot –Place.

You should be ashamed of yourself – perfect little groove –to Man.

I couldn’t have fought for it more. Rise up. Catastrophe. Overcome your damn laymen/famine. Feel someone trying to intimidate you. Schooner – Weaver. Divine fate. I thought you were called to rise in the physical.

Destructive tasks [Alcohol] →tarot card.

Talented emotions burbanking 2014.

That was the hangman – that was the source
I would say she’s shook – yeah you got something on her

April 9th, 2023

Beginning of March –Place. Yeah but if our relationship isn’t going to go upside down. Me and 2 others cleaned litter – me only 1—them just say so. Task oriented job. Missing lady. To them they’re only 6 in the price. Purpose driven life. Dad dated.

Tops are overboards. Seize Jesus.

Healing was shook. Let the pain improve people.

Don’t let me overdo it. Alchemy bowl. Lab dotectomy.

Raise the level of want/frustration on you. Doesn’t it feel so eternal when you dream. Tutors and mentors. I love odaicks – I work at the dolly system. Don’t worry I won’t lose my Place keys.

Y’all have a living proof system.

Statement below to heal Uriel. Encampment.

I couldn’t think a Scorpio[n]. Dreams make you stronger.

More water popping up. Part reading center—Part lives.

He is straight the first step – he ain’t got to go over nothing. It is not an extension break unless otherwise campstore [campground] needed. Coining it back to you. Once we get out of this girl bronco. Though it feels impossible to eat sometimes.

November 24th, 2022