She had Dangel Tears †danger‡angel†

{A great}

Inner Joy

Still Young.


And it was very

peaceful & casual

When I started teaching…

Acute Failure Plan

That little Blue perception.

And you carry the most points.

Our budget is fucked.

Off you will

so it’s at Ford’s Colony today,




makes me

go crazy

Write it down

be more forcefully

when trying

One shot to get herb in quantity asked for

[by Drug Lord Kingpin]

One person threw out the number amount $50-

that’s what they got- their one shot-

they put it in their gun pistol & blew it like a joke-

Next person was prepared to stock up

& seize the moment


Dad talking about church-

him speaking as if our path-

I was about to explain…

I’m most guilty.

If you can desperately regenerate.

I could hold myself

for Rain up

in the Outhouses

Can I ask you a Question

-Question of a Lifetime

She had

Dangel Tears


How big is their Name…

Where do they live…

Ford’s Colony

The happiest of our Trips~

Maybe it’s because of the Age problem.

[Sometimes] I can’t even generate a Job.

The scum of

the human race


When I was his Age.

Cross enough Pennies to keep your back warm.

A lot of Houses run identical…

Those needs are mine.

Next time

curve your

Peanut Butter~

That’s why they’re all idiots

Moor Poor

The no Kid thing

There’s 10 Royal Children

Homeowners Association Fee.

Nothing makes sense to me

Everyone’s just chaos

You thought it was White thing

-I thought it was

a Wiccum Forum

[Wall Writings]

It’s a long story short

I was trying to milk it

milk the lines for all their worth-

when I just let ’em go

give & flow the worth

Base cleaned yourself out.

So go ‘head

go have a Dream

I can’t orchestrate it

as I once did

it’s just not sustainable